A New Approach
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Rethink Conflict is an innovative mediation center that offers creative solutions to challenging situations.

Where mediation can help

Parental Planning

Separation & Divorce

Employment Dispute

Property and Rental Conflict

Contract Negotiation

Personal Injury

The rethink conflict difference

Rethink Conflict offers creative solutions based on hundreds of hours of education and experience. Our mediators are committed to creating change in the most compassionate manner possible.

Why choose mediation


In litigation, the one-size-fits-all approach is used far too often. In mediation, parties have more of a choice regarding the mediation process that is used resulting in a solution tailored to individual needs.

Cost Efficient

Litigation is often unnecessarily expensive. Mediation is cost-effective, utilizing strategies that save money.


Litigation is a long and exhausting process. At Rethink Conflict, our mediators prioritize comfort and compassion in even the most challenging of cases.

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